Gary McDowell
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Session musician

Gary is a session musician based in the UK. His work has seen him travel the world with bands and artists of all styles. He specializes in guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals.

His performances have seen Gary work with and open up for artists such as DAYA (Sony Music) || The Shires (Universal Music Group) || Wale (Warner Bros) || Bay City Rollers (Sony Music) || Jimmy Constable (10 Million singles sold worldwide) || Carly Connor (Independent Artist) || Bonnie Wylde (Independent Artist) || Johnny Mac & The Faithful (Independent Artist) || Daniel Burnett (Purple Universe) || Crashes (Independent Band) || Bahookie (Scotland’s no.1 Ceilidh rock band) || Maria Marciano (Independent Artist) || Sam Jones (TV featured artist) || That Drummer That DJ (International DJ Group) || Brian Mccafferty (Independent artist) || Gavin Blackie (Independent artist) ||



Providing expert skills in GUITAR, BASS, KEYS and VOCAL HARMONIES, Gary has a vast range of knowledge in these instruments and can give an equally professional performance in all styles.

Directing your Live Performance

Gary can provide not only a live performance but can also help develop songs, production and stage presence, helping an artist/ band give their best performance. He can produce and replicate stems for live performances, direct live performances and compose a set including intro’s, interludes and outro’s to make a live performance unique and different from the record.


Having a background in songwriting and production, Gary can also help develop an artists sound in the writing and recording process. Having a passion for writing, he’ll put 100% effort in to any track given and make sure he has helped to the best of his abilities.


Being a recording artist also, Gary can be hired to record your instruments. Saving costs on hiring potentially 4 separate musicians, Gary can record all of the above instruments and provide high quality backing vocals plus help with ideas for harmonies. He also has a list of drummers he can provide as part of his service.

 Acoustic Events

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