Providing expert skills in GUITAR, BASS, KEYS and VOCAL HARMONIES, Gary has a vast range of knowledge in these instruments and can give an equally professional performance in all styles.

Directing your Live Performance

Gary can provide not only a live performance but can also help develop songs, production and stage presence, helping an artist/ band give their best performance. He can produce and replicate stems for live performances, direct live performances and compose a set including intro’s, interludes and outro’s to make a live performance unique and different from the record.


Having a background in songwriting and production, Gary can also help develop an artists sound in the writing and recording process. Having a passion for writing, he’ll put 100% effort in to any track given and make sure he has helped to the best of his abilities.


Being a recording artist also, Gary can be hired to record your instruments. Saving costs on hiring potentially 4 separate musicians, Gary can record all of the above instruments and provide high quality backing vocals plus help with ideas for harmonies. He also has a list of drummers he can provide as part of his service.